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02-02-2010, 05:28 AM
We came across a team of 5 Feds yesterday who were just suiciding for quick xp. There were only 2 of us on the Klingon side to begin with so it's not as though they were outnumbered. Right from the minute the match started all 5 of them would just run up to us then jump up and down waiting to be killed.

It's boring enough when you fight inexperienced feds who are new to PvP as all yuo do is run the map in circles sweeping as you go but for them to be acting like lemmings totally ruins it and completely strips any fun away from the games. Same thing as when you're talking about them simply refusing to fight Slamz.

Rewards need to be changed to more contribution based than they are now and changed quickly as competition is the only thing that makes both the space and ground matches fun. Personally i'd give them zero reward unless they actually kill someone, i'd love to give the whole losing team zero reward for losing too but that would just discourage feds from playing as they almost always lose on the ground and lose more than half of the time in space in the first 2 tiers.