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02-02-2010, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by LaFleur View Post
A possible solution to the escort problem would be to add score for 1/2 taking hits (for tanks or aggressive escorts) and 2x healing hits (for sci, after all, if keep others alive more team dps).

In addition, weight the score by engagement time, so that more points in initial seconds rather than after 10 minutes to discourage lurkers and to reduce farming of a tank getting hit and a sci healing indefinitely.

No, not perfect, but encorages playing classes to their strenghs.
While I agree that damage taken and healing should be factored in the metric for the final score, there is one tiny issue- currently healing counts self healing, so if all three of the above were included, cruisers would suddenly become the favorites to get tops in fleet actions. They need to make sure that the healing only counts healing done on others, that is actually useful, not just healing an undamaged ship to rack up your score.

Also, the metric should include reductions for dieing, or else players using ramming speed (a skill which just needs to be removed) are going to rack up ridiculous scores.