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02-02-2010, 06:46 AM
I played ALOT of pvp during the beta phases with my science vessel and the only thing i can say is that at level 16, all ships maxed klingons and fed alike seemed balanced. The major deciders of the battles were how the players used their ships. It takes some effort of coordination to get 10 klingon ships to decloak and alpha strike the right targets. This effort should be, and is usually rewarded, but if the feds use just as much effort to counter attack instead of spreading out, then it becomes what seems to be an even fight. So much depends on teamwork, and supporting each other whether by focus firing a target instead of just spamming spacebar or picking the right teammate to transfer shield power to so they can outlast the initial volley.

An organized klingon team will always destroy unorganized feds, and the reverse is true, and in my opinion from what i've seen it also seems balanced when it comes to organized team vs organized team.