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02-02-2010, 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by Marshal_Valor View Post
A few things here. This event sounds great, but Starbase 1, ala Earth Space Dock is just ASKING for trouble.

While I applaud the efforts at having a channel to join for coordinating efforts, having an OOC channel for RP seems a bit silly to me. At the risk of sounding like a snob (I'm really not!), as a role player that's just not something I'd want to really be apart of.

There is also a channel already that alot of RP'ers are using called roleplayers if you'd like to join in. I doubt anyone would mind people using it to coordinate.

Also alot of people have been using Quark's Bar in Deep Space 9 as a meeting place.

It's not hard to get to at all. You fly to the bottom of the Sirius sector map and I think zone over maybe once and then just select DS9 from your system list and fly there.

Quark's Bar is also pretty big and has ALOT of room with three floors in it. Not to mention it's pretty iconic for Star Trek.

1. i didnt create the STORP channel. I just mentioned it is there to help coordinate RP. Why someone wouldnt want to be a part of that...ok, thats your prerogative. IM not saying you have to join it. All im saying is its one of the venues ill be using
2. As i said before, i want to make this event as friendly to NEW PLAYERS as much as possible. If people are comfortable moving it to another location as the event goes on, that is fine.

Guys, rather than getting super nitpicky about locations and everything, lets just work on getting a good RP community growing. I really dont want this thread to turn into people complaining about little things here and there. I know everyone wont be happy with everything, but its better than nothing.

Lets try to be flexible, please.