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02-02-2010, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by chronykle View Post
ummm you feel jipped for a headstart you did not pay for? This was just a couple days of free time. I wouldnt actually feel to jipped lol. And no i didnt say this is how MMO's work but you cant really feel jipped for something you didnt even purchase LOL this thread is fail back of the line
Something I didn't purchase? Really? Let me do the math on this:

1x Lifetime sub = $240
1x Amazon order = $52
1x Walmart CE = $84
$376 - that is a bit more than zero.

I've never spent this much on a game before but I am a huge ST fan and I love MMOs. I really liked CoH and CoV so I took a chance on this game. Again, I don't regret it but I feel like I put a lot of trust into Cryptic and they really fell short on headstart.

Originally Posted by lutherd View Post
Just remember, there's no rule saying Cryptic has to offer 24-hours a day server up time for head start... in fact, there's no rule that says there needs to be a head start at all. it was simply a nice thing Cryptic did to say thank you to all the people who bought pre-orders and lifetime subscriptions.

The game doesn't actually start until tonight at midnight. Now, if the servers still go down a few times a day or for hours upon hours at a time, yeah... I'm with ya. But until that time, just remember, it was a freebie. They didn't have to let you play at all, yet!
As stated by other posters, there is no rule saying Cryptic needs to have 24/7 uptime from today on. That is there choice but that is the beauty of a free market. If they keep that up there will be consequences and even hardcore ST fans will be turned away. I'm guessing they don't want that BECAUSE they are a corporation. Their goal is to maximize profits by maximizing subscribers. You don't do this by servers crashing constantly. Their goal is 24/7 server uptime.

As a side note, headstart is live. As soon as your data is saved for live play the game is live.