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02-02-2010, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by Medwynd View Post
I personally found it easy enough as it is.
Originally Posted by Zchizo
So youre asking the game to do eveyrthing for you? I think its fine the way it is. Besides, where is the "challenge" in pvp if all you gotta do is target and let the game do the rest for you, all you gotta do is to apply special functions/powers... Would be way to easy.
Why do some people think this request is about makeing the game easier? The auto fire request is more about saveing hardware from damage, or haveing to buy a keyboard that can be programed. Most of the people asking just want the weapons that have vary short cool downs to be on a toggle. As to avoid haveing to hit the spacebar every second. This will not make the game easier, just more enjoyable.
As for PvP the chalange is in the monovering, skill control, and equipment areas. It shuld never be about who has the better keyboard, or better at hitting the spacebar over and over again. (ie. skill not "skilz")