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02-02-2010, 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by DeadlyShoe
there are several issues

*all the klingons are flying escorts. if they can rapidly destroy the fed ships they are dandy. but they can fall extremely rapidly in turn, they don't have any staying power.

*half of the feds are mounting MKk III (or worse) gear.. most klingons will be mounting Mk IV. problems are obvious.

*fed inexperience - as time goes on, your average klingon is far more likely than your average fed to know what they are doing in PVP. it only takes one or two newbs on a team to wreck your chances.
Experience is by far the key. In OB I can tell both sides were inexperienced. In headstart, I can tell MOST feds are inexperience and most Klingons played in OB/CB and PVPed. There are exceptions.

What I don't see Feds doing (HEALING).

1. Engineering team BO ability (Level 1)
2. Hazard Emitters BO ability (Level 1)

My BOP is out healing some Fed damage, and I don't have any boost to healing.

Big mistake I see feds do:
Sensor jam on the attack. It is a defensive device not an offensive one. If you use jam, reverse directions immediatly. if you keep your same course as most do, I just estimate your path and when you come out of jam blast you since you did not change to evade. Use it when I come behind you. Jam me, and evade.