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02-02-2010, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
If they have different ones they're corrupt.
This is wrong. Use the Force Verify option to confirm whether files are corrupt or not. Don't waste your bandwidth on redownloading correct files just because you didn't get the same arrangement as this guy. The only way you'll get the same hashes as him is if you patched at the same set of times as he did. If you delete your hoggs and download new ones, you still won't get the same hashes.

For example, if you had any of these md5sums, as of the current patch, you would have valid and up-to-date hoggs:

7351ac287597a07cb944c4afda072529 sto.1/character.hogg
d1eafd000c2594ac9dcf540725269fc2 sto.1/exes.hogg
e4c79b70745df0c4cd66dc81b4c63e08 sto.1/object.hogg
48833f7eba39f7aefd58dc5f8dbb4c45 sto.2/character.hogg
d711e9c59fff24e2412693704b77ceac sto.2/exes.hogg
b9291554a57edda440b717f87d6c1434 sto.2/object.hogg

(Couple of samples I just took; I checked they have exactly the same files contained in them)

Not sure where you're getting your information from
I happen to know how the hogg files work as a result of some bug hunting with the patcher system back during the CO beta; as such it's almost certainly still covered by the NDA.

I think it's safe to say this much: the string "a=1, b=2" and the string "b=2, a=1" are equivalent but have different hashes, and a hogg is an archive containing many files, hence there are many possible equivalent hoggs with different hashes - and the patcher deliberately does not attempt to make everybody get the same one.

Unless you can link something?
Here's a link for you, if links make you feel better:

Everything you need to know is contained in that post.

Compression for files is a lossless compression based on algorithms. It's not like lossy compression with JPEG image files which yield varying results if different PCs compress the files manually multiple times.
Quite irrelevant (also wrong on several details, but still irrelevant).