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02-02-2010, 08:18 AM
/Sarcasm on
So because OP have no work or life to attend to currently or so? (could be temp ofcourse or instance hopping, which is actually closer to exploit)
Everyone else should "pay" for his life style?

You sure do have a winning point there and there is going to be lots of supporters of this idea.
/sarcasm off

Truth to be told i think it is a bit early to start adjust xp income as i do believe they need to focus on more content for the higher level before starting to brake it or increase it.

Or should we all just hit lvl 35ish and from that point on run around in large swarms hunting for DE or pvp queue, sure that is going to keep people around knowing that life is just a grind with no real reward and those that advocate for this kind of system are the ones that exploited the previous version of the system to get there.
If i did not know better this feels more like "i wanna be admiral and be OP for as long as i can because i can or want to etc" I might be wrong, but then again.