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02-02-2010, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by wgc01 View Post
I expected problems and down time in headstart, to me it's just another form of beta, heavy stress tests, getting ready for the 2nd.. I am glad I was able to move through the newvbie area, I did get a "Head start" on those playing on the 2nd..
Yep, agreed. I too got a "head start", but it was a punishing one to say the least. So would I have still bought the pre-order if I knew what was in store for me? I can say, possitively, no. But that's just me.

Make it a trinket, a little pet droid flying around by my head, my own pet Targ just for looks or maybe a unique bar i can place on my uniform that shows everyone else in the community that I too endured the punishing role of beta testing during head-start. A purple heart maybe?