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02-02-2010, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by KPhor

So my question now here is, why are bugs (which were known as such in the beta) now working as intended? Or did that request basically got a "not read, simply reply"?

Please fix this, as those Boffs are now basically useless. And a response should be done to the point pls. We don't need bots to answer our GM replies. That's quite rude and pointless

- M
Consider yourself lucky to even get your boffs many of us couldnt even get boffs from mission rewards lvling up or buying them from the store for most of the head start. It was only yesterday did they seem to care enough to even think about patching the bug. Before that they were giving us instructions on how to assign the boff like we didnt know how to work the game.

So basicly the working as intended line is a big F U from cryptic to yourself and your friend. They wont fix the bug until half the population of the game starts complaining about it. Until then just expect to brushed off by GM's and devs alike.