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When thing that amuses me about the Klingons claims that being able to pop in and out of cloak at will is not unbalancing is that in every version of Star Trek that I have ever known, I.E. movies, series, RPG, Klingons have one slight problem with cloak that puts them at a disadvantage when using it. It sucks insane power. Namely it drains every other system.

Something to think about the next time the Klingons claim that it isn't unfair that they can all sit in cloak coordinate a target then destroy it right out of cloak.

Cloak should have the same effect as going to full impulse. Which would also eliminate the, 'Oh darn, I'm about to die I better cloak', crowd. You know who you are. You play Klingon. Gankers one and all.

Oh and you can skip the childish name calling. I don't plan to come back to read this.