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02-02-2010, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by lrdasmodeous View Post
Their advantage is that they don't need to have any sort of coordination or heavy-tactics to succeed because their ships are all enormous glass cannons that dwarf damage output of the federation ships. Whereas the Federation players need to work together and use some pretty heavy strategy to beat them.
This is why I don't PvP anymore, its fine if you have a static group on vent and you co-ordinate every move, every sign of enemy contact and co-ordinate attacks/stuns/roots/Mes/etc to maximum effect, but in a 'random' group where you can't voice chat or form incredibly fast tactics and strategies on the fly, you have no chance in PvP especially against veteran PvPers or worse, an opposing foe that is purely built for PvP and the Klingons are essentially just that.

Do the klinks need nerfs? Wholehearted yes they do, hopefully soon before the PvP whine crowd arrives.

Another issue is that people PvP with essentially PvE gear on.....thats another big mistake. If the feds queue up for PvP, make sure you have some BO that have highly useful PvP abilities such as detecting cloaks etc...