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02-02-2010, 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by Losobal
I'll agree with it as a newbie tactic, but as you get 'older' flying full impulse into a pack of foes isn't always a bad idea. Especially if you've got EPS upgrades, MES and something fun like Scramble Sensors. Since OB MES apparently doesn't let you 'fire' while masked, so you have to drop it first, but still, its fun to fall into a pack, scramble them so they all start shooting each other, and then (due to EPS upgrades) your power levels go back from full impulse levels to your chosen setting in rapid order.
For sure, you are right...

BUT...remeber, this is a Newbie-Guide

And we all could be very gladly, if most of the fresh people coming to STO today, would recognize those 3 FUNFAMENTAL rules...

If they would do so, we all would save us the trouble with flamings and claimings without knowing anything about the game and doing fundamental mistakes

So to all the NEWBIES:

respect those advices and you will not have a bad time in STO until you would have been developed your own tactics

So again, good luck

and to the Devs: STICKY PLEASE