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02-02-2010, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainKyle
this thread is for ideas for a death penalty and disscussion.
my idea,
crew deaths along with ship damage. if you die your crew dies off a little at a time you replace them at a starbase similiar to the orginal sto idea. but if you survive i.e. ship dose not explode you can fly back to a star base and fix your ship/buy new crew. the crew can repair the ship but paying a a space dock would instant fix your ship. also maybe weapon loss if the ship explodes you may randomly lose a weapon or ship component but i would be replaced by a basic component unlike in eve once its gone you have to buy a replacement no give back of some just an idea.

So, you find a nice shiny new weapon and equip it, and can't wait to test it out. You decide to jump into an Enemy Contact encounter, and are going to give those Klingons the what-for.

But before you can even finish loading, you're destroyed, because some other captains decided to drag a couple of enemy flagships right over the spawn point and then they left right as you were coming in.

Now your nice new shiny weapon gets replaced with a Mk I white piece of junk.

Yeah...sounds like a lot of fun. And this is making my gameplay experience more enjoyable how exactly?