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02-02-2010, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by Aior
Come on.. I am level 32 and there are exactly 32 captain + 1 Rear Admiral.. At this rate we will have 40 Admirals tomorrow night(PST).

It is all we are doing is a few quests for break time

  • Make it so the end boss drops some blue gear. ***Gives people a reason to stay and fight.
  • Make it so the limit is 10 again. 5 is allowing for too many instance switching especially at these higher levels. The 5 was to limit afkers in these instances but that made leveling even faster even after the nerf to exp.
  • Reduce exp gain by 30%

  • Don't make it so we have to kill 40 squads unless you up the amount of people inside to 15 or 20.
  • Dont kill the exp too much or this will be nothing but a waste of space.

All of this should make this zone less exploitable as it is. Keep the 5 minute timmer and make larger zones. Up the difficulty a bit and should be good to go.

Im sorry those of you who are using this place, but both you and I know it needs the hammer.
Yeah nerf it NOW..... now this guy has got to level 32 and wants to be one of the few elite whilst the rest of us get slowed right down