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02-02-2010, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by Riyx
Anyone having trouble setting fleet ranks, the way it looks, you shoudl be able to set the privs for each rank but for some reaon you are not able to, they reset constantly.
I've /bugged it (you should too). Changing rank privileges will update, but it doesn't update graphically.

A workaround I've found is to select the rank you wish to change privileges for, swap to another tab in the Fleet UI, and switch back. When you switch back, your selection will still be highlighted, and will show the current permissions for that rank, which you should be able to update (and see your updates). Note you have to do this for every rank.

EDIT: I think what's going on is that the checkboxes are not updating unless you reload that particular screen (by doing the workaround I gave above). If you, for example, change the permissions for Rank 1 and then select Rank 2, you're still seeing the permissions for Rank 1. I think you're also changing the Rank 1 permissions even though you have Rank 2 selected. If you switch tabs, it reloads the information but you now see Rank 2's checkboxes and should be able to change the appropriate rank's permissions. And then in order to change the next rank, you have to select the rank, swap tabs, and swap back again.

EDIT2: Now that I think back about it, Rank 1 might actually be working fine and Rank 2-6 I think are not updating correctly... so Rank 1 might not have been the best to use in that example. I'll have to check later.

EDIT3: AAAAAUUUGH Why am I still thinking about this game in Beta Test Mode?!?!?!?