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02-02-2010, 07:51 AM
I always use my stun pistol in pugs, and I'm tactical. It's just too useful. When you spawn near the zerg and they start chasing you, you can backpedal, stun the lead chaser and keep running, repeating periodically if necessary. It has a long range and a chance to expose. It can save your teammate's bacon, as well as your own, by stunning some enemy that was running over for a killshot.

In a more organized group I'll sometimes swap in the wide angle phaser pistol, the dual pistols or a bat'leth but in truth the bat'leth is just for fun. Between palm strike spam, rifle melee spam and that pulsed PBAE knockback some people have (lifetime bonus reward?), using a bat'leth is just impractical.

Fun sometimes, but impractical.