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02-02-2010, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by S0R0N
And do YOU have a good reason WHY there should be a death penalty, other than just ****ing people off ? You know the game mechanics doesn't really call for one, as opposed to - say - Keep battles in **** where death penalties (temporary debuff) permitted one side to bring about a decision.

I don't see how a death penalty would *improve* the game and the players' gaming experience. So please - why ?
it would 1. get rid of those people who ram and die pull bs i run into. those people who ram into a group of enemys and pull them all to your position and screw you over. 2. it gives you a sence of realisim like in startrek people died in the movies including spock. 3. the weapon thing was an idea not a nesecity it would not always be required. it could be change so that if the weapon was destroyed and you respawn with the mk 1 item you go back to space dock and it gets re equiped just ideas.
3. adds stratagey to the game alowing team work to help players who have lost crew in fleet engagments.
all ideas