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It just seems like to me that the science class of ships are getting the short end of the stick in the games content and rewards.

When you do fleet enguagements the points only seem to figure in DPS; healing, buffing and debuffing dont seem to apply to your score. I did about 900 on the score chart i the beginning ship and now in the science ship the score for me has moved to only about 1200. While in my current sector of feel engaugement the escorts seem to bring in nearly 3x the score touching over 3000 sometimes, winning all the fancy loot and leavin me with white item i vendor for 500 energy credits.

Sure escorts are the DPS ships so they should do more damage, but 3x is crazy. It doesnt just impact the special fleet engaugements either. Take a the classic deep space encounters everyone farms. I warp into one and typicaly all the other ships in there are escorts. I fallow them around as they enguage the enemy but my DPS is so much lower then theirs I will never get a loot drop, which for me.. is half the fun of an MMO is to collect loot and stockpile your own inventory.

I cant compete with the escorts so I stray off on my own from them and take on targets by myself, I find im shooting a battlecruiser for nearly 2 minutes before I blow it up. While escort flys in and pops them in 20-30 seconds.

Anyone else feel like their science ship is the bottom of the totem pole?