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02-02-2010, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by Psionic_X View Post
i just got invited to that fleet in a random arena without me asking for it.

after reading the guildchat for 5 minutes with a lot more swearing then im ready to take, i left the fleet again.

i then got a private whisper from awok@sirawok asking me why i left.
i said "no offence, but im not going to be reading that kind of language all day".

his response was "you do realize its a method of trailing out weak as (&$=()/ french my language. you should be on vent as instructed ohh well too bad, guess you were full of fail for FoE."

he then put me on ignore.

i mean seriously: i play an arena and get in invite to a fleet without ever asking for it and when im not ready to take a bunch of fould language in the fleet chat and leave i get that kind of response ?
im full of fail ?
i was "instructed to join vent" ??? no one ever talked to me even .. besides that really sweet convo with sirawok.

way to treat people !

just thought i would let anyone know, what kind of guys to expect with fist of the empire.
I'm not at liberty to speak for the guild (and neither is Awok as far as I know), but guild chat just gets spicy from time to time. Most everyone talks on Vent so the guild chat is usually a bit slow (that's been my experience). Ops are much easier to coordinate when you use voice coms. Like others have said, the fleet invite was more than likely someone just getting used to the mechanics of the game. Good luck in your search for a fleet that meshes with your play style. I'm anti-potty mouth myself

In my six or so years with the guild, I've found the ppl to be helpful team players who focus on getting the job done. No pain; no gain.

Edit: Thought I'd copy this excerpt straight from our guild rules:

Communication Rules: Communication rules are designed to prevent any issues that arise on the forums, in chat or on TeamSpeak. Members who violate these rules will not be removed from the guild but will be counseled. If problems still persist they will be reviewed for guild removal.

* Reframe from using derogatory or racial comments jokingly or otherwise. What is acceptable in your circle of friends may not be in others.
* Do not use excessive cursing or offensive language.

Of course, everything is subjective, but the officers have typically been very strict when it comes to derogatory and racial comments.