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# 1 Let the wookie win.
02-02-2010, 08:21 AM
This may seem like a radical suggestion, my fellow warriors - but I just want to make a mild suggestion.

When the teeming masses of ignorant, hapless and pathetic newbies comes flooding in - let's not crush them in t1 pvp.

They will fly in at full impulse, darting about the map cheerily looking for the three klingons to kill that they handily dispatched in their pve missions.

If we do as our nature demands, we will stop them cold in their tracks and crush their dreams with callous disregard.

I have little hope that this will be heeded, but I beg you all to consider it. Please, think of the forum.

Every new innocent fed whose hopes you crush by handing them the loss they so greatly deserve is two topics in this forum about what is wrong with the game, and kdf in particular. Page long diatribes making accusation upon accusation, and longwinded emotional pleas to the gods to emasculate and hamstring us so that the playing field will be somewhat more even.

At this moment there are hundreds of feds for every kdf. Soon there will be thousands. Tens of thousands. Imagine what that will be like. These forums now are a pathetic but pale shadow of what they will become when hundreds of new topics are started every hour by the dumbstruck (and just plain dumb.)

So I put to you - at least for the first week... let the wookie win.