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This is likely to be a very unpopular Idea for people who feed for SP/Medals, that being sad please dont turn this into one of the many already raging 'debates' (I use the term loosely) going on in the forums over nerfs and OP etc...

The idea is simple; the more you die, the longer Respawn time you should incur(sp?), currently the respawn time is 10 seconds, regardless of whether it is your first death or 11th. I believe if this were to change it would make games more tactical and discourage Zerging. The example below is just that with numbers plucked from the air, nothing set in stone. The idea is simple in premis and shouldnt be too hard to impliment, though the times no doubt would need refinement.


1st death - 10 seconds till respawn.

2nd - 15 seconds

3rd - 25 seconds

4th - 40 seconds

5th - 1 minute (flat rate here on after)

This would also mean we (as Klingons) wouldnt be able to 'bully' targets by picking on them (often happens at T2 - we target the escorts).

This thread isnt intended for name calling, OP accusations or cries for nerfs - please dont turn it into such - simply discuss the merits or flaws in this idea, and maybe help refine it some.