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02-02-2010, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Beaker2009 View Post
Well, it's another example of content for Feds, the content is us playing Klingons.

They all want their federation hero ships that almost always win, and they have them now...
It's because they get conditioned to think that whatever they run across they can defeat pretty easily . I blame Cryptic for the easy pve conditioning. When they make PvE easy it creates a mind set of why doesn't this work like it does in PvE . So they whine and cry . The Klingons in PvE cloak maybe once , don't concentrate fire on one target and basically act like the dumbass AI they are. They then come into PvP and think they are going to roll in there cruisers and uber escorts ( which is actually pretty funny since those are always the first destroyed ) . You never hear the Feds whining about cloaking PvE BoP's , it's only about the PvP . There arguements hold no validity.