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# 36 How to PvP as a Klingon!?
02-02-2010, 08:30 AM
How to PvP as a Klingon!?

I spend the last 15h PvPing as Commande Rank in an Escort and came to the following few conclusions. I will be Using the foreposters FAQ a bit

First of all you have to take a catchy name: FedKillerExpress or similar is sure to mark yourself as the first taget but who cares, who stays in the back, gets in the back right?

"At the VERY minimum, crank up your weapon power to max and get close before uncloaking with your buddies. Pick someone and blow them to smoke."
That is so true but don't forget to use heavy dual cannons so that while ure still decloaking, your foe will be either dead or drifting. If you do it right, he wont see you on his scanners, wont see where you are ... all he will is see the dmg of the dieng shields until he is dead.
-> If thats not a bug then I dont know what is it takes sometimes 6 seconds before I see the Klingon but that most of the time is after i am blown away.

"The KDF side has lighter ships that have cloaking ability and greater maneuverability."
Those ships are so light that it takes 2 Feds to get your shields down to 50% before they die. And ya, the last 25% been their explosive damage you went through. Remind yourself to not hit those explosions.
I used MK6 dual heavy cannons on a Tier 3 Klingon ship, Weapon setting 115, klingon was camping so full of energy. I used Beta and Omega 2/3 pattern, fire on my mark, rapid fire 1, imp Torps 1 9/9 by the time my Mk3 (with +20% anti disrupter) front shields been down the klingon lost O.O 4% shields. I was dead before rapid fire 1 was off and yes ... my explosion in him did more dmg then my assault on him.

I feel like doing it similar to the russians in WW2. Using a granate and a persons life to take out a tank but here that wont work ... as even my exploding Akira wont scatch a scar in that undieng Klingon Mak 4 Shield ... yes it was a Mark 4 as he told me afterwards. Is the balancing here tha a Klingon Shield is 5 times more powefull then a fed one ? A Klingon ship can nuke any of my shields even with a setting of 105 on my shields in under 4 seconds. Pretty much a unbuffed plain attack will do it. But a fully buffed one from us wont even scratch them ... gief me a working granate so I can have some retaliation today.

That pretty much conculdes:
If your a Klingon, go alone or in a 3 man team and take out Feds by the numbers. All you need is Shild transfer on each friend and the rest is all power to the weapons.
If your a Fed, you need 1 or 2 healers for yourself and the advantage by numbers.
Dont try ... its rarly possible to take out a Klingon 1 on 1 ... he has to be a complete moron to die by your hands.

Regards... *memo to self its about dam time to reroll*