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02-02-2010, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by Moonphase View Post
Do the klinks need nerfs? Wholehearted yes they do, hopefully soon before the PvP whine crowd arrives.
I wholeheartedly disagree on this one for t1 and t2 Haven't played enough t3 to answer.

In t1 Feds have better ground gear, Klingons have better space gear. That is a gear issue, not a nerf.

In t2 Feds have cruisers Klingons don't That is a fed advantage. If the fed cruisers actaully took engineering teams and hazard emitters and sat in a group with all cruisers targeting the escorts ready to heal them, and science ships ready to extend shields, then the fed escorts would survive the alpha.

The problem is not mismatch ships, it is tactics. Klingons learned this in OB as we died LOTS of times.

Assist the escorts and let them chose the target to hit. If the fed cruisers are targeting the fed escorts, just assist their target. Keep an eye on your team and heal as needed. Organized or not, if everyone followed basic team tactics they will do much better.

When the feds heal each other and fight as a team, usually they roll over the Klingons. Right now Feds are not organized. That happend to Klingons in Beta.

Ive sat in games with no grouping. All I have to do is watch what my target is targeting and if they need help, throw a hazard emitter or engineering team to heal. Fed dies and player who is on my side but not my team lives.