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Ask Cryptic returns with answers on story, space, psionics, society, ships and logs. Thanks very much to our development team for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer these!
As we looked closely at the IP and built our story, we realized there were certain truisms we needed to honor. The Federation is an idealistic society that seeks to better themselves and others. It is a fundamental part of Gene Roddenberry's vision the future will be brighter. Other societies like the Klingon Empire or the Romulans are not evil, but they are different. They are motivated by different values and handle situations very differently than the Federation.
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sounds good but i'd like to think that pvp will not be forced upon those that do not wish to pvp unlike eve also if it does come down to pvp i'd like to think it is done farely in the sense of the attack has as much chance of getting their warpdrive kicked by the person they are attacking as the person does by the attacker.

Gref over this post by pro pvpers will be reported thats any and all forms of gref.