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02-02-2010, 09:44 AM
Alright, here’s just a few ideas, or a string of them at least.

No idea if such things could or would be implemented into the game, but I would like some opinions at the very least.

Firstly I would like to say that a space vessel is no small thing, I mean they are the size towns and cities right? So the loss of such a huge vessel could potentially be catastrophic. It doesn’t feel right that a player merely respawns.

One idea I had is that prior to a ship being destroyed we can assume the captain safely escapes with a portion of their crew.

They return to a station and are supplied with the next ship below their class. After all why would Starfleet want to give a big spanky new space vessel to a captain that just got the last one blown up?

Players would still receive their old weapons and mods that they previously had however, but in order for the player to get their better ship back they would have to earn it as they had previously.

If your too attached to your space vessel and don’t want it to be replaced with something smaller well… Don’t get it destroyed!

Something else I thought about that may or may not be possible was that perhaps escaped crews from destroyed ships could find themselves stranded on a planet, needing rescue from allied commanders who would get points for doing such a task.

Or another thought I had was that after battles space vessels instead of being destroyed could need ‘tractor beaming’ by a friendly player to a star-port for repairs and such, yet again the player helping out the stricken ship would receive some sort of points in return for doing this, essentially just another mission.

What I’m saying is, make ship loss a part of the game, not just a respawn!

Please don’t get angry at this post. It’s not necessary.