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02-02-2010, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by Vuk View Post
I honesty the proposal punishes the Fed players more than Klingons. The feds end up undermanned for longer periods of time . Klingons would cloak and wait for the player to respawn and attack . Not knowing where the player will respawn leave the Fed more vulnerable to attack once he spawns. Honestly to many problems with it to implement , as the maps are currently arranged . It changes nothing with the Bullying . The weakest target is always the first whether it's a cruiser or a sci or escort.
In response to that you are right the current death match maps don't really offer a safe gather location for the FED or KDF like you find in capture and hold. The issue of course is no death match time limits so a safe area presents the issue of an endless game and with a time limit a safe area presents the endless tie senario.

Death in PVP should have some penelty but only if you are not an involved player in the match. You will not see the KDF waiting for the suicide kiddies to respawn.