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02-02-2010, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by dazman76 View Post
Hey guys - there is also another issue at play here, at least for me. It's important the OP said "I was dragged in to the encounter" - I've had the same thing, but it isn't limited to encounters. It is basically popup windows being "auto confirmed", even when your hands are away from the keyboard and mouse. I get this a lot - conversations will automatically close, I'll enter systems without confirming - it just seems like sometimes, the F key is being pressed for me

I don't know if the OP has the same problem, but it's been plaguing me like crazy. Usually when it happens with an encounter, I warp into an enemy-camped spawn area, and just about escape intact if I'm lucky. Some interactive pickups just pick themselves up without prompting via the F key. Passing merchants in sector space hail me (when I haven't even contacted them), apologising that they're "closing up shop and moving on" - I never intended to chat with them in the first place!

Maybe this problem is causing some of the OP's confusion?
Nope, that's not the experience I'm having. Thanks for explaining your issue though as it seems you might have the "F" key mapped to two things? For example, I map my G15 macro key to Ctrl-2 to apply shield power to my forward shield, which ALSO fires my torpedoes simultaneously because firing torpedoes is key-mapped to "2". So yeah, Ctrl-2 also activates "2" executing two actions simultaneously.

For all prompts, hails, looting, etc. I get prompted for and are not automatically chosen. For DSE's I am not prompted. I am just sucked right into it. Coming out of it though, I then see the prompt to "Talk" to the enemy, which if I did I'd be put back in the same instance again.