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02-02-2010, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by kurataigiere
There were several threads asking for a queue. There is DEFINITELY a need for a queue. Queues to get into the game are GOOD. They are, in fact, much better than a lottery clicking Connect over and over again at the log in screen, hoping to be let in. The problem is NOT the queue. The problem is the SIZE of the server. Please, people.

See the problem for what it is, please!

As far as QQ about PVP? Well, it depends. Data doesn't lie. If a X class/build consistently wins where Y class/build consistently loses, then there is a definite problem. The question is "how do you fix it?". The answer is buff Y, not nerf X.
Okay, well i'm not going to get into a debate here. I would like to see a link to those threads though.

The thing is, there were raving mad posts, and a ton of them, complaining of the queues. People were mad about not being able to play the game when they've paid for it, and rightly so. So, this is your opinion and I can respect that, but facts are facts.

Again, please post a link to those threads. I would like to read them and see for myself.