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02-02-2010, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by WEII
ofc ppl will get banned if they decided to make a afk grind bot. i get a feeling that ppl has already done this for the crystalline entities quest, heck there is enough ppl farming it.
if ppl was to macro a repeating macro that hits the button 1, which cast the phaser power in ground combat, it would be a crim if the dev ban them.
heck, it is a crime to have to press the attack button every 1 second during ground combat.
no the crime in ground combat is our buffs. so not only am i hitting 111111111111 (well, im not, fixed taht day one!) but i am having to micro manage cooldowns. Targeting Optics and Focus fire's effects last just as long as the cooldown. So rather than make them PASSIVE click to turn on.., I have to click Targeting Optics every 5 secs. Unsually in ground PVP what gets me killed is having to take my eyes off the action to monitor 4 cooldowns and press 11111111. And 1/2 the time the specials dont fire off and i have to click them twice. Now PVE is so mindnumbling easy that most of the time I dont even bother but as klingon i nearly have to do ground

I dont know what it is. In WoW I have even more skills and more cooldowns. Even without macro help it doesnt feel as clunky or such a pain. Maybe its that there isnt as much movement during combat or I am not switching continually from ranged to melee. I just dont know. There is something about the $TO controls that just feels off.