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02-02-2010, 09:08 AM
Yes, they'll need to do something such that actions other than direct damage result in points. There needs to be points for support of others, and potentially even damage taken (although I'm not sold on that one). All of them will need to be appropriately scaled though so that any ship has roughly an equal chance at max score.

I think fleet engaugements should reward 3 types of rewards to each of the classes. If your escort you should be competeing with everyone else flying escort in that fleet engaugement. Cruisers should be in their own catagory too along with science in theirs. That would give me a way better chance to place #1 in a fleet engaugement if my score was only against other science ships based on loot rewards.
Not sure I agree with this one, as there are not 3 distinct classes. There are numerous ways to outfit a science vessel, for example. I can outfit it to do good damage, or I can be more of a pure support ship. The current scoring will still strongly favor the damage builds.