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02-02-2010, 09:16 AM
I would be very surprised if Cryptic decided to crack down on simple weapon 'autofire' macros that help keep people from having to manually spam commands.

Without such a macro, you can find people resting one hand across the number keys and drumming their fingers continuously during combat to make sure they don't skip anything that they want to attack with.

With a macro, people toggle on the sending of the same commands automatically so they can actually use some of those fingers for movement and other commands.

The major difference from Cryptic's point of view is that the macro users will be sending *fewer* keypresses to the server because they're usually sending them with a delay between keystrokes while hand-spammers are sending as much as they can as fast as they can. Cryptic sees slightly less network traffic and the user is a little less stressed. It's a win-win

Neither party is getting any more performance out of the game regardless how fast they send the keystrokes.

Until someone comes up with a macro that is a *clear* exploit, I'd expect Cryptic to tolerate this sort of thing for a while.

(Ideally, Cryptic would refine the user interface to make this sort of thing unnecessary. Autofire doesn't have any need for traffic to the server since the server knows you want to keep firing...)