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I only play of the klingonsite and i only do groundpvp.

But there is one problem in groudpvp.

Science or takticplayer can stasis/frezze/held outher player and after a sniper shoot they have an 100 % oneshootkill. Really 100 %.

Engineerofficiers have no one of this skills.

When all use oneshootkills, that isnt a good pvp. A player ingamre who called roy boast he was attacked by 5 klingons and killed 2 before he goes done and the have right. So it was and that isnt a good balance.
roy is one of a few player who use 100 % always oneshootkills. he held me and next i am with one shoot dead. I post the name for the devs. They can look in the logs and see i say the right thing.

Sorry but pvp must more then oneshootkills. Must we all chance the class now to do oneshootkills to win in pvp ?

For what we need turrets or outher kits, when held and a sniper kills oneshoot ?

I play very much ground pvp, but i never have seen an klingon who can the same. Is there a bug ? One thing it is surely. Oneshootkills are bu..hit.

So do something pls. And pls fast. Release is today.

This is not whining. I hope the devs write this and make a little more balance for the fun for us all.

Edit : Ok, the problem ist not the expose and then snipershot will be 100 % oneshootkill.

The problem is a few player can make 100 % expose. And no. Not the science class. A tacticer can that do too, but how ?

Edit 2 :

Roy and i am testing his exposerate

We have a lot of dismiss, but we have two good shows how often expose can come.

Thx roy for the test. Let us hope the devs will balance the expose a little.

The complete test gives out : 28 shoot. 18 Dismiss. 10 Expose = Exposerate 35,7 %

When you have more people with so high exposerate in the same group u have a lot of oneshootkills.