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02-02-2010, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by Pestalence_XC View Post
Go to Sol System Starbase.. in the Requisitions section is an NPC that does Custom Clothing.. when you talk to him, Modify your Uniform or create new Uniform in 2nd slot.

skip over character looks until you get to the Uniforms page, click Advanced button.. top block click on the Uniform type and scroll to bottom.. TWOK Uniform should be listed.

under pants, go to Knee High and in the box below it will allow you to select the TWOK pants.

to get the true TWOK Uniform color, you will have to edit some.. Default is Grey.

Don't forget the stripe on the pants leg is suppose to be Red down the side if you are going for Canon look.

the Connie and the TOS Mini-skirts are still missing though.
Apparently that's not working for everyone. I've visited that tailor several times and TWoK Admiral's uniform is not available as an option. Neither are the TNG and DS9 uniforms from my collector's edition retail code. My 500 cryptic points from the collector's edition retail code is also missing. I have, however, been able to acquire my borg bridge officer and red-matter capacitor from the C-store.

I hope they fix this soon.