Thread: Escorts, unite!
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02-02-2010, 10:29 AM
I had the problem when i started playing escort which is 1-keeping my cannons aimed at the target and 2-being abel to manuver out of fire when needed.

As everyone says, Escorts own in PvE solo stuff. I tear up cruisers and battleships just goign head first.

What i do is face the enemy and once i hit around 10.5km i slow my engines and unload. I use Alpha, High Yield, Dual Cannons (x2), and my cursor over my Science officer's Weapon Overload (or whatever its called, debuff) I have my enginnerr on recharge sheilds in case. Cannon Arc Scatter btw is a blast.

Fleet action, you are best to keep your distance...At least for me with my T2 escort, im not fast enough to get out of range of 2-3 Battleship arc disruptors..