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02-02-2010, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by Canuck_2099 View Post

Since the beginning of Headstart, I have logged just around 16 hours in-game and my character is Lieutenant 5. So, at that pace, I figure I am good for about 160 hours of so with one character.

Figuring that now that the game is lauched, I'll be in about 8- 10 hours per week, that one character should last me to about June before I see the rank of Admiral. It will be even longer if I decide to make a Klingon as well or test fly the other two classes before I get too far in.

So, meh... let the rushers rush. I will just make sure not to read their rants about engame when they start posting them.

They only rush because the game detracts from their fapping time.