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02-02-2010, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by Arsat
I only play of the klingonsite and i only do groundpvp.

But there is one problem in groudpvp.

Science or takticplayer can stasis/frezze/held outher player and after a sniper shoot they have an 100 % oneshootkill. Really 100 %.

Engineerofficiers have no one of this skills.

When all use oneshootkills, that isnt a good pvp. A player ingamre who called roy boast he was attacked by 5 klingons and killed 2 before he goes done and the have right. So it was and that isnt a good balance.
roy is one of a few player who use 100 % always oneshootkills. he held me and next i am with one shoot dead. I post the name for the devs. They can look in the logs and see i say the right thing.

Sorry but pvp must more then oneshootkills. Must we all chance the class now to do oneshootkills to win in pvp ?

For what we need turrets or outher kits, when held and a sniper kills oneshoot ?

I play very much ground pvp, but i never have seen an klingon who can the same. Is there a bug ? One thing it is surely. Oneshootkills are bu..hit.

So do something pls. And pls fast. Release is today.

This is not whining. I hope the devs write this and make a little more balance for the fun for us all.
I'm guessing english isn't your first language, had a hard time following alot of that.

Yes, Sci officers have abilities that do that, but everyone can do it. You can carry two weapons. Carry one that performs an Expose attack (they will get rotating red reticle on them) and then change weapons and shoot them with your exploit ability. Instant one shot kill.

This is not something unique to Sci officers, they just get some abilities via kits that help facilitate it.