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02-02-2010, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by DangerouslyGeeky View Post
Almost certainly they were using some sort of exploit. Even if they where able to play every single hour that the servers were up during the headstart it would be pretty much impossible unless they used an exploit. I only made it to Lt Commander late Saturday night, and then on Sunday it seemed the servers were down every time I wanted to play.

Advancement really slows down once you hit Lt Commander.
this is true it does slow down at LT. commander i hit that rank late sunday and played all day yesterday and only made only Lt commander 3. and all i did was all the explore mission once ans patrols, and mission from the admiral so far. but those that are admirals i agree they are either dummy pr accounts or people that have glitched. now i have done fleet battles and pvp . while they both get very good xp it still hard to see peaple getting admirals in 4 days i can captain possibly