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02-02-2010, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
It takes some getting used to the sluggish turn rate, but experienced cruiser captains like myself will make use of the throttle controls, particularly quick bursts of reverse to turn.

Now if you were fighting a smart and very maneuverable enemy, I could see how this could be done, but in the PvE and PvP content I have done, you should be able to turn quick enough to counter the big attacks.

And there is always Evasive Maneuvers if you need to turn really, really fast.
Yeah, you actually have a lot of options to keep yours shields up since turning to use a different shield side isn't as easy:
- Use side-specific shield boost commands vs balance all
- Evasive Maneuvers
- Shift power to AUIX in the balance commands (which is bindable to a key btw)
- Pop an engine battery
- Use any of the shield boost/resist powers from engineering or science

As a cruiser captain you also start to get pretty good at "flat scissors" style maneuvering to try and switch between side broadsides and a forward/aft torpedo launcher. I keep torps forward and aft to give me a better chance at getting a shot in when my broadsides/beam overload wear down a shield.