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02-02-2010, 09:54 AM
I chose Cruiser for 2 reasons over anything else.

2. Cruisers have 2 engineer slots. So that means I can have 3 total engineering skills...I use Engineering team, and 2 E-power to shields. (1 and 2) This may not be totally necessary, but I like having the second E-Power to Shields as a backup just in case.

In truth...I looked at the choices for Escort and Science at Tier 2...and was not impressed.

Hell, to be honest...I am not impressed with many of the designs for tier 3 and above that I've seen so far.

I think the Akira is an ugly piece of junk (simmer down akrialovers...simmer's just my opinion) as well...

The cruiser line is just the ones I dislike the least...except the Connie. I've always loved the Connie refit. I am so happy they included that design.

Never was a fan of the way the Intrepid, Galaxy, Sovvie, or any of the new "sleek" ships. I didn't even like the Excelsior when I first saw that one.

My love for the Connie refit has nothing to do with Kirk or the Enterprise...I just love the design of it.

So the majority of my reasoning is aesthetic, but also the 2 engineers.