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Originally Posted by Tetracobalt View Post
"Star Trek Online takes place about 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager, in the year 2409. Many of the characters have retired, passed on or otherwise evolved. "

Why are they dead? There are multiple Trek references about people easily living past 100 years. During the start of the very first episode of TNG Data is talking to Dr. McCoy and comments he is some 130+ years old. I guess that this would infer that those people died from other circumstances? Passed on? Did some die while serving together on Enterprise? Or from some new war? Or attack on earth? Or some kinda crazy disease? Will this be explained in the game storyline? So many ?'s! lol
Just because the average modern life span is around 75, doesn't mean people don't die before that point. Disease, injury, and attacks all still kill people in Star Trek, and as you get older the first two get more likely.

In thirty years, Picard would be about 108, the character is ten years older than Patrick Stewart. Despite what we saw with, McCoy, at that age, he could easily be dead, not that I would prefer that.

Even so, the reference to some character being dead probably refers to all of the TOS characters, and a few of the later ones, thanks to mission related deaths.