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Originally Posted by jd2134 View Post
I generally run my power at 70 weapons 70 shields 25 shields and the rest in aux

my finally adjustment is something like 85 weapons 78 shields 32 shields and 43 or so in aux. at tier 2

weapons i went two dual cannons, and a photon up front, and two turrets in the rear. This means on frontal attacks i have the two turrets and two cannons hitting the target. and at all other times the turrets are hitting the target.

I plan at higher levels to keep the two regular cannons as their recharge is just right so as soon as one is on a cool down the other pops up, and then putting a dual beam weapon or another torp up front. and a beam array or a third turret in the rear.

As for shields i tend to go high regen and look for shields that also reduce phaser and disruptor dmg. I spam redirect shield energy everytime it comes ups. I also have emer power to shields I going in tought battle and kick in RS feqs when needed. in solo it no problems but if i get jumped by four or more ships in deep space i get a beating. at which point i make my attack run and use ramming speed and EV manuver to boost my speed to get the heck out of there. Also jam sensors is great. I hit that and go in for my attack run and the ship generall doesnt live the run.
I'm not sure if using turrets is a good idea. They have very low energy efficieny and the power they use will weaken your dual cannons. If your cannons are dealing 200 or so dps, losing ten percent weapon power to fire a turret will cut that dps down by 40 points per cannon. You might be making up the difference with the turret's output, but keep in mind that every turret you add into the mix not only cuts into the output of the cannons, but the other turrets.