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02-02-2010, 11:16 AM
also keep in mind that moving forward most of their input will come from Test server players and not us....

now my decade of MMO experience tells me that generally the people who inhabit test server on regular basis are... well... lets just call them synchophants who want to be buds with the devs and feel special. Their input is often at odds with the general playerbase. This was the case in spades in the CoX title. There were times when changes would go live that took most people 30 secs to figure out how to exploit because it never occured to the test people to use it in that way.

My own personal expierence is that Cryptic is really bad at PVE/PVP balance and PVP in general. Maybe they improved since CO. As an ancedote, when CoV went live I joined a guild. They tried the CoX PVP and all quit and went back to wow before their subs had even run out.