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08-23-2014, 12:40 PM
Good idea.
Duty Officer Assignment: might be better though, simply because that's what Onlyslightlybent already put in the titles of his/her two. Unless Onlyslightlybent's around at the moment and willing to change those two.

I've sometimes thought that a simple "Entertain Foreign Dignitaries" would be a good starting point. The dignitaries could be whoever/whatever you like, well-known Star Trek races with baggage or some unknown aliens you made up yourself; you could send any combination of interesting DOffs you like - a Gorn, the Orion Hologram (you DO need an Entertainer for that and she's an Entertainer...), the Breen chap, Dr. Sibak... and it could go wrong in any number of ways, from serious to slapstick - cultural misunderstandings, accidental poisoning, non-accidental poisoning, really badly timed outbreak of space-madness... Infinite screw-ups in infinite combinations

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