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02-02-2010, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by raymond.makowski View Post
I've spent a few days mapping the keys to the controller and have come up with something that I think is pretty useful. It definitely makes space combat a lot of fun. (to be clear, you'll have to use the keyboard for many things, but this allows you to play most of the game using the x360 controller.)

I'll post my /bind files when I get home tonight. (and yes, the space controls look a little insane, but are actually very easy to get used to/ remember) [images attached]

On your space setup, where you refer to tactical, engineering and science binds -- are you binding the actual bridge officer abilities or just the hotbar slots that have those abilities in them? I've been trying to figure out what commands I would need to bind to execute a bridge officer ability, so would be very interested in seeing it if that's the case.

In the setup I've been using, I have all the first row of hotbar slots bound to various button combinations (Ltrigger X-Y-B-A, Rtrigger X-Y-B-A), but the problem I'm running into is that it wants to display those button shortcuts rather than the number keys on the hotbars, which gets rather... ugly. I can't seem to find a way to make the number keys show instead of the controller shortcuts; no matter which order I bind things in, it always wants to put the controller binds in the "first" slot in the key bindings, which then become visible on the hotbars themselves. It does work, though.

As a workaround, I started binding them to the hidden second bar and duplicating all the buttons there, with the visible bar just for display purposes (to see the cooldowns). It's unwieldy, though, especially when you want to remap something, so I'm looking for a better way of doing this.