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02-02-2010, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by Anduinova

It charged my card TWICE for the game itself....which I downloaded. $120.00

Then, everytime I went to enter in my subscription, I got a FAIL error. But they charged my card EVERY time. And I tried 7 times.

So you can call as much ******** as you want. The card IS being processed, but it won't activate my account, and every time through it charges me again. I want my friggin money back.

Doesnt matter who is wrong. My point remains that you need to stop the abusive language, calm down and call that number i posted or contact accounts. Nobody here can do anything for you. You NEED to contact them.

Edit: you say it charged yoru card 7 times? Don;t worry, theyre just on hold by your bank, contact them and they will tell you the money will be put back into your account in 3-5 working days.