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02-02-2010, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by Lirethion View Post
As Primarily a Klingon Player and I do have a Federation character as well, I have noticed a severe lack of sportmanship be it win or loose I always say good fight or GF. Now lately I have noticed alot of the federation simply just don't say it unless they win. maybe it is just the fact that I grew up being polite using manners and all that and the military helped ingrain the Courtesy into me even more but the fact is seems those two things are sorely lacking in PvP now days.
I agree to common courtesy, but there is no rule in the game that says you should say GG after every battle. Although its nice.

However if either side wins 15/1, would you really call that a good game?

Also, I often seen Klingons act like douches just as much as feds in PvP games so please don't point the finger at us please.