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02-02-2010, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by wangry View Post
Last night, while playing a patrol mission with a team, my ship was taking heavy damage. Being near a starbase, I did a dive to get under the "mushroom" top, all while getting hammered by enemy weapons. When I was finally below the top, the ships stopped firing as expected, and it was a game of cat and mouse with one enemy ship that tried to skirt around the starbase and dip below it.

That whole moment was definitely a lot of fun and very cinematic to watch. Unfortunately, within a minute, enemies above the starbase starting firing again on me, and somehow their weapons were able to go through the starbase itself. I'm hoping this is just a bug. I've used asteroids and other objects as cover before, and it definitely provides for more enjoyable battles than just the typical broadsides.

Anyone else have some fun stories?
It is a bug. What's even more annoying is that while enemies can fire through objects (starbases, asteroids, etc), you cannot fire back.